Hannah’s first ER trip

Well, we got through 8 months and 3 weeks with no colds, flu or even a sniffle. But, that run has ended. Last night Hannah went to the ER with a fever. We found out when we got there that her fever was at 103.4 and that she has croup! She was given a steroid shot at the hospital as is doing much better today and her fever is gone. But, she also had the start of an ear infection, so she is on an antibiotic for that.



Sage at 11 months

Sage at 11 months

Andy and Sage on rock scramble

It’s been a busy, fun summer. Last week we finally started to feel the fall air sweep into our area. We’ve started firing up the woodstove in the evenings. I can’t deny that the smell is great and so comforting, but behind it is the knowledge that winter is quickly coming. We went out to the Blue Hills this weekend for a hike and we also snapped Sage’s 11 month photo. The trip included a rock scramble to get to the overlook. I almost had a heart attack watching Andy scramble to the top with Sage on his shoulders. But surefooted Andrew made it up and down without the least bit of drama…even with Sage in tow. I, on the other hand, looked like quite the spectacle. I should have been fearing for myself, I think. It was a great view, however, and brought up back to the days on the trail in norther PA.

11 months old. Unbelievable. Also the fact that Sage is walking. Unbelievable. Last week, Monday, she started off on her own. At first she couldn’t keep up with the momentum of her feet and was falling directly on her face. By Wednesday she would fall on her tush after 4-5 steps. By Friday she could stop her momentum and drop meaningfully to her knees. Now she is walking across the room and arriving exactly where she intends. It is amazing the difference that a week makes.

Another big hurdle is that she is saying a couple distinguishable words. Mommy, daddy and kitty are all pretty clear at this point. Well, perhaps not clear to the untrained ear, but we can distinguish them pretty well. She chatters to herself pretty much all day, so we know all those stored words are going to start popping out in the next couple of months.

Sage and Hannah at wedding

Sage and Hannah at wedding

We’ve recently enjoyed a quick trip to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. Along the way Andy stopped at a specialty archery shop and got his bow all set up. He has since been practicing and in ready to get out and bring some meat home to fill our freezer. The garden was officially closed this week. It was a great year and we didn’t get frost until October…unheard of. We estimate that we grew about 250-300 pounds of tomatoes this summer. We still have 60 pounds ripening in our kitchen. We were also successful with peppers, beans, cantaloupe. It was a fun season, but we are certainly ready for a break. We picked the pears this evening and they are the last thing we have to do (other than those 60 lb of tomatoes).

We’re looking forward to a slightly less hectic fall and are anxiously anticipating our anniversary, Halloween, Sage’s first tea party, Amy’s 30th, deer hunting, Thanksgiving and Sage’s 1st birthday party. Did I say less hectic? But all these things remind us why fall is our favorite season. We’ve posted some new photos on our shutterfly page. Be sure to check it out. http://noths.shutterfly.com/ or click on any of the photos to get there.

8 Months Old & Vacation #2

It is so hard to believe that 8 months have already passed since we brought our little bundle of energy and personality home! But, it has and we definitely have a little bundle of energy and personality in our home ūüôā¬†

Hannah is at the moment sitting on the floor next to my desk screeching to her little heart’s content. She has made many new discoveries in the past month, the main one being pulling herself up on anyone and anything she can find. She is also babbling a lot more this week, which actually makes it easier to find when she is exploring the house.

She is also starting to open and look in cupboards and drawers, so I think it is time to do some baby-proofing! This week she has also cut her fourth tooth, so she now has a total of 4! She cut her third tooth while we were in TN on vacation with the Forshas. So she now has her 2 bottom front teeth and the two 2nd incisors on the top. Thankfully she teeths rather well with only slight fever and some spitting up.

We have been a busy house the last couple of weeks. We started it all by going to Indianapolis for Great Aunt Helen Loughmiller’s half birthday party. From there Hannah and I traveled with Amy, Sage, and Grandma Linda to go and visit in Columbus, OH for 4 days. We had a lot of fun at Great Grandma Finneran’s house. Hannah and Sage both had a bit of a learning curve learning to play with someone else their own size. At first they seemed to need to share the same square foot, but they did adjust and play together very well. As you can see by the picture, we were able to go and visit campus and get some good pictures of the two of them together.¬†

We also got to meet Uncle Dan’s two puppies. Hannah was fine with them, as long as she was not on the floor with them. They are definitely some cute little dogs! We also got to finally participate in a trivia night with Uncle Dan, Grandma, Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue, Brianna, Mary Kay and some of Uncle Dan’s team. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful night to be outdoors. Hannah was up a little later than usual, but she napped on the drive over and she and Sage definitely had a good time and were not lacking for attention! We left for Louisville after trivia and arrived at home at a little after 1 in the morning.¬†

The next day and a half was spent grocery shopping and packing for a week at Dale Hollow Lake on the TN side. We had a 6 bedroom cabin rented in a great marina called Eagle Cove. We were there with Uncle Jim and Aunt Laura, Mom and Dad, and Thom’s grandpa and grandma Forsha for the entire week. For the first weekend we also had a second cabin rented as we had Amy, Andy, Sage, Andy’s sister Sara and her husband Dan, and Aaron, Kelly and Kelly’s sister Amanda, as well as Matt and his girlfriend Katie. We had quite a crowd and a whole lot of fun! We rented a deluxe pontoon complete with a slide and took the boat out at least once a day for the long weekend.¬†

The rest of the week was also a lot of fun and very relaxing. I think both Sage and Hannah enjoyed a lot of extra attention and playmates! 

Unfortunately, this past week did not start out so good. On Sunday we had a really big windstorm that knocked out our power until Friday morning at about 6 a.m. We were able to secure a generator on Monday, so we did not lose any food from our freezers or fridge. The main downfall was boredom and the fact that Thom was entertaining clients all week, so we did not get to see much of him. 

Thankfully we are now back to normal and Hannah starts Mother’s Day out next week, which will be good for both of us! She will be going to a church on Tuesday and Thursdays mornings for a few hours to play with some other infants close to her age, and I get a few hours a week to run errands and finish some things that I started before she was born!

That is what we have been keeping busy with and I am sure it is about to get busier as we are not too far from the holiday season!

Big Steps

Just wanted everyone to know that Sage took her first steps last night.¬† After two solo attempts that both ended in Sage bumping her head with style, she braved it again.¬† She let go of the ottoman and instead of lunging into Andy’s waiting arms as we expected (we didn’t want her on the floor again), Sage took two unaided steps and collapsed into Andy’s arms with a grin.¬† We don’t know when we’ll see it again, but it was a huge night around the Noth house.¬† Everything changes again…gotta love this parenting thing.

Photos at dede

As promised, here is the link to see the latest session at Dede Holman. www.dedeholmanphotography.com and click on CLIENTS in the lower right hand corner, and enter the following password: forshan


7 months old!

Wow, time really does fly when one is having fun! Hannah is now 7 months old. She is getting bigger and growing up fast! In the past month we have reached quite a few milestones:

Two teeth have arrived. The two bottom teeth cut within 5 days of each other, but she handled it like a trooper. She was a little more cranky than usual, but that was about it. I am slightly suspicious that another is on its way, if her diapers are any hint of what is to come. 

We are lucky enough to have a baby who really is not picky about baby food. She is starting to play with the Gerber Puffs we are putting on her tray. I am not sure one has quite made it into her mouth yet, but at least she is showing interest. She is getting much better with a sippy cup. She does not drink from it much yet, but she does like chewing on it and it keeps her happy in the car!

Crawling is in the very near future in the Forsha house. She is getting up on her hands and knees and rocking all the time. Rolling and inchworming on her back are the modes of transportation at this point, but she does move her knees and then lunge to move forward. She watches quite intently if anyone is crawling, so I have a feeling she will be figuring it out soon. 

She has also decided that sitting up is fun and makes playing with her toys much easier, so we are now willing to do it. She can get herself to the sitting position from laying, so her crib was lowered recently. She does not do it a whole lot, but she can if she chooses. 

This month has been both quiet and busy for us. We went to Peoria, IL the first weekend in August for Elizabeth’s baptism. We had a lot of fun swimming with the boys and meeting our newest niece! Uncle Thom even took Elizabeth swimming!¬†

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Steve came home with us and spent almost a week helping me repaint the basement and bathroom. We were able to get everything done and even had time to throw a barbeque with some friends. Hannah very much loved having Grandma around for 6 whole days. Thankfully she was very content to play while we were painting. 

The past couple weeks have been pretty quiet. We just took her to her sitting up pictures with Dede Holman. She did great and we know we are going to have another round of really cute pictures and a really hard time deciding which ones to get. I will post the link when I get it so you can see her pictures online. 

In a few weeks we are off on another week vacation on Dale Hollow Lake with Thom’s side of the family. I will be sure to share pics of that week as H and Sage will be together at the beach!

I found the camera cable!

After some *encouragement* I went hunting for the camera cable so I could share photos of the kids.¬† After uploading 133 images and 11 movies, I realized how much we’ve done this summer that we haven’t shared.¬† So here’s a recap of our summer so far.

I’ll get the photos from Elizabeth’s Baptism posted soon.¬† Although we start school on Monday, so it may be a while before I get time!